Latest Kinaba picnic in November

A picnic with a difference. After tea coffee and breakfast, Steve, Kieran and Blair from Parks took us for a guided tour of the new upgrade to the Figtree Point camping and day-use area. It's worth a visit.

What a great place the workers have created

The result of all their careful preparation and painting - a really nice display area. Thanks Friends of Kinaba

Ada speaks up for Friends of Kinaba

On Monday 19th October, Ada spoke to NICA members about the progress of the Friends of Kinaba project, and their continuing enthusiasm to have the Centre re-opened as an Information and Visitor Centre. She spoke eloquently and accompanied her talk with a slide show of the project and the surrounds.

A quick change

A small group of volunteers have changed this room into a bright space for displays in one morning at Kinaba. 

17th May for next Kinaba picnic


Sunday is the perfect day for a picnic at Kinaba. Please come and enjoy the beauty.

Our next byo Kinaba breakfast picnic will be on Sunday 17th May, meeting at the Boreen Point boat ramp rugged up and ready to depart at 7am.

Working bee finally happened

The February Bee

At last after the third attempt, the valiant volunteers wielded their paintbrushes in the direction of the ceilings and verandah posts.

November 2014 picnic

November 2014 picnic poster

Our next byo Kinaba breakfast picnic will be on Sunday 30th November, meeting at the Boreen Point boat ramp rugged up and ready to depart at 7am.

If you have a boat and can take a few extras click here.

If you need a lift click here.

Great working bee 16th October 2014


The latest working bee was held on Thursday 16th October.  6 busy workers....painting, repairing and flashing....(that's roof flashing ). Mike Breid mentioned us on Community radio - thanks Mike.

Great working bee 24th July

More cleaning, scrubbing and painting at Kinaba, and every working bee makes such a difference to the feel and look of the building.  It's wonderful to see the building being looked after.  

The volunteers have so far replaced all timber joists, facias, posts and railings that were needed, and with more elbow grease, the building is looking more clean and tidy and spruced up at each visit.  Well done!!!

sorry, June picnic cancelled

I'm really sorry, but all the boats that are normally available to take people up to Kinaba have taken their owners sailing or on holidays.  And that means that the only way to get to Kinaba is to walk from Elanda Point opposite the canoe launch area, or paddle.  We are cancelling the picnic for this month, and the next one will be Sunday 31st August.

I apologize for the short notice, and if you would like to take yourselves there anyway for a picnic, you are most welcome.

Rikki for Interim Committee


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