Winter working bees Tuesdays 3rd and 10th July

6 intrepid maintenance crew spent 2 half days at Kinaba, cleaning windows and cupboards, finishing painting the ceiling in the display room and manufacturing the door to Bob's outside kitchen.

The building is looking loved and looked after now, and we are pretty proud of the work done over the past 7 years - terrific!!!

Winter picnic Sunday 3rd June 2018

You are invited to Kinaba for our Winter Picnic on World Environment Day Sunday 3rd June, from 10 am.

There willl be limited boat transfer to and from the Information Centre.  First boats leaving Boreen Point boat ramp at 9am - $5 pp please to cover fuel expenses. RSVP ESSENTIAL if you're seeking transport.

Working bee Tuesday/Wednesday 3-4th April 2018

5 intrepid volunteers braved the windy conditions to head up to Kinaba to paint, oil, clean and generally make a wonderful clean-up job at the Information Centre.

We met with about 50 visitors who were interested in what we were doing, and very pleased that the building was being maintained - they commented on how fresh and well-kept it looked.

Sone of the extra special visitors who came on the day were Sir Thomas Hiley's granddaughter and great-grandchildren, who were very appreciative of the work being done on the building.

Final working bee over-nighter for 2017

A  huge thank you to Friends of Kinaba volunteers who have participated in the upkeep of Kinaba over the past 12 months.

Last Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th November was the final working bee for the year. Mammoth jobs have been undertaken and completed, including some with the assistance of National Parks' staff who have graciously laboured alongside us over some of the biggest jobs. Thank you very much.

Ada's talk at Noosa Parks Association

Ada arranged to speak to Noosa Parks Association at their Friday Environment Forum at Wallace Park, Noosa on Friday 10th November.

NPA have supported our project for permission to continue to maintain the Kinaba building, to retain it with public access and to re-open it as the Kinaba Information and Environment Centre. 

over-night working bee

These two happy chappies have just managed a mammoth over-weekend working bee at Kinaba, and are looking forward to support crew next visit. There are still many small and large projects to keep up to date with general maintenance and renovations.

First over-nighter working bee

A dedicated team of volunteers got stuck-in on the weekend of 17th and 18th June, which involved an overnight stay in the comfortable accommodation bunks. A little wine and pleasant acoustic guitar added to the tranquility of the typical Queensland winter evening.

The accommodation area is now freshly painted and looking very bright - windows cleaned throughout, plus some carpentry, and a new sensor light installed above the stairs.

renovating timber boardwalk

A bright spot on the water!!! Paintings all done, and our wonderful team of volunteers are back busy oiiling the western boardwalk and viewing room floor, cleaning up accommodation area walls, removed toilet windows and louvres, and fittied awnings on outside of toilets.

What a great job, and a wonderful crew. You beauties!!!

working bee 13th November - more painting

Great collection of volunteers continued with the painting at Kinaba, and have made good progress. Kinaba is looking more cared for after every visit. Great job!!!

12th November - Great to meet Councillors at Boreen Point

On Saturday 12th November, Charlie was able to thank some of the Councillors responsible for our being able to purchase an outboard for our dinghy. With the assistance of Noosa Integrated Catchment Association we were successful with our Community Project Grant application, and now we are able to transport volunteers and material to Kinaba for working bees in the Kinaba tinny. 


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