Volunteer Induction Program

As a requirement to work in National Parks, all volunteers are required to attend a short induction on site, which includes Health and Safety routines, and familiarity with the entire Information Centre.

These are now carried out by our own Workplace Health and Safety Training Officers Ian Skyring and Ken Eddy at the Sailing Club on a regular basis.  Each trainer can take 4 -6 people, so we are gradually inducting the supporters who are keen to be part of the workforce, and with photos of the different parts of the building, familiarising participants with the essential bits.

Hopefully over time most of the inductees will come on a Kinaba picnic and so will be able to see for themselves the various aspects of attention.

Each working bee is comprised of people with the appropriate skills for the job, and a good project number seems to be about 6 people at the one time, so everyone has a meaningful job, and we don't get in each other's way.

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