Volunteers are starting work

In October 2013, our Workplace Health and Safety training officers began inducting Tradespeople and others who will organise work teams and supervise the maintenance of the building itself.  All of our volunteers are required to be inducted as National Parks volunteers as well.  This process will be on-going.

Work that needs to be done

In the beginning, the work will mainly be construction and maintenance of the building itself, which will include much sanding, painting, wire brushing for rust removal, and the inevitable scrubbing and cleaning walls and ceilings.  We have skilled tradesmen as section supervisors who will draw up the jobs list, and supervise the work, while the volunteer co-ordinator will draw up work teams with the appropriate skills for the job.  There will be plenty of work to go round, and if you would like to join a work team, please send in your Name and Address and contact.

As a requirement to work in National Parks, all volunteers are required to attend a short induction on site, which includes Health and Safety routines, and familiarity with the entire Information Centre.

As the interior of the building proceeds towards completion, we will be calling on volunteers with particular interests and skills in designing interpretive and informative awareness posters and displays which will be self-explanatory to visitors.  They will also be invited to assist with the display area itself.

At the same time, we will require volunteers with enthusiasm for sharing this knowledge with the general public who will visit the Centre.  National Park rangers have offered to assist with training these volunteers.

Once the Centre is again functioning as an Information and Intepretative Centre, or all along, volunteers interested in weed control and maintenance of the area considered part of Kinaba, can be involved in seed collection, propagation of the endemic species and re-planting after storm damage or floods.

If you're keen and have no transport to find your way to Kinaba, we'll get you there!!!  For more information contact Charlie 54853950 or email info@kinaba.org

Become a Kinaba volunteer

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