Current Wildlife Sightings

Pelicans in Fig Tree Lake

Sunning Pelicans in Fig Tree Lake

Any day is wonderful in the Everglades, and last Wednesday was no exception.  After motoring up and moving slowly through the channel past a dozen black swans inside Kinaba Island, we moved up past Kin Kin Creek and into Fig Tree Lake.  There were Grebes, Little Black Cormorants, Darters, Pied Cormorants, Black Swans and Pelicans sunning themselves and feeding quietly.

Black Swans are back

After kayaking through the everglades on yesterday's gorgeous sunny early morning, we were paddling back across the eastern mouth, and there were about a dozen black swans sitting on the water.  As we got closer, they became alert, and took flight.  These were the only three I caught on film.

Spotted the Jabirus

Heading home after doing the water monitoring at the designated spots around Kinaba, Ken, Pete, Martin and I were just crossing the shallow water between the sand spit parallel to the channel and  Kinaba Point, and this is what we saw.

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