Pelicans in Fig Tree Lake

Sunning Pelicans in Fig Tree Lake

Any day is wonderful in the Everglades, and last Wednesday was no exception.  After motoring up and moving slowly through the channel past a dozen black swans inside Kinaba Island, we moved up past Kin Kin Creek and into Fig Tree Lake.  There were Grebes, Little Black Cormorants, Darters, Pied Cormorants, Black Swans and Pelicans sunning themselves and feeding quietly.

There was a bit of wind on the Lake, and as we motored slowly up the Upper Noosa River, the wind ruffled the water in the Narrows, and all the way to Harry's Hut.  
But, on the return trip it was like a mirror, and the full glory of the Everglades was on display.

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