Kinaba News

10 Jun 2013

At the beginning of June, members of the Friends of Kinaba Steering Committee were inducted as National Parks’ volunteers, a first step in the long process of being given access to the Information Centre to commence the restoration and re-vitalization project. 

Once we have permission to access the site, we will be forming working parties from our volunteers with the particular skills necessary for the job on hand. If you would like to be a volunteer for this project, please contact Charlie 5485 3950 or email

Noosa News
09 Sep 2012

A great article in the Noosa News on 9th September 2012
by Peter Gardiner explaining why we were having a picnic at Kinaba, and our intentions if we can get permission to start work.

26 Aug 2012

Community picnic rally a success!

Organised by the Friends of Kinaba steering committee, the picnic day held on Saturday the 25th of August at Kinaba (Sir Thomas Hiley) Information Centre, was to reinforce the community’s dedication to keeping Kinaba open to the public and continuing its duty as gateway to the Noosa Everglades (a.k.a Upper Noosa River). 

Download the PDF to read the whole media release

26 Aug 2012

Community Picnic with a difference.
article by Jemma Darlington

The morning dawned with a thick mist over the lakeside community of Boreen Point. All are late to rise, including the sun. All that is, except for Friends of Kinaba. Preparations are being made; lunches packed, sunscreen smeared and masts hoisted. For a picnic is to be had, a picnic with a difference.

01 Jul 2012

Construction began May 1978...opening ahead of completion in September 1978.
Completed and opened to the public March 1979, making local news.


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