February's working bee

On Saturday 8th of February we had another Kinaba working bee.  After a pleasant Lake crossing, and a short catchup, we unloaded tools from the boats and started with the designated jobs for this session. 
Brett and Dominic assisted by Cheryl and Steve, repaired floor joists and decking where the western board-walk joins the Information Centre.  Charlie re-secured wobbly handrail posts on the southern deck.

The work to be done at the working bees is decided according to needs - recognised by group members or Parks, and then by funds / materials available or supplied by Parks.
We like to keep the number of participants in each session rather small, and get the people with the right skills for each job.  Working bees are also a nice opportunity to be on the Lake, socialize and catch up, and feel good about our achievements for the day. 

Kinaba is starting to look much better for it, and visitors that come while we're working there are generally very appreciative and supportive.
If you would like to join us for a working  bee, and you're not yet a member, let us know info@kinaba.org and we'll book you in for an induction.
(a pre requisite for working at Kinaba).
Ada for Friends of Kinaba


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