Great Working Bee Wednesday 7th May

Our great team of volunteers had a productive workout at Kinaba on Wednesday 8am start with Ken, Telena, David, Laurie, Mike, Jan, Bob, Lesley and Ian, Sue and Charlie. Had a last minute supply of brushes, sandpaper, etc from our supportive Parks crew.

The team of painters started on posts and railings on all sides. Once they'd started there was no stopping.  The chippies completed more decking and joist work on the western side, then tackled repairs of the timber screen at the rainwater tank, including fresh paint.

Other jobs completed were:

  • new insect screens for accommodation area doors. 
  • old screens removed from display room
  • water leak at skylight in display area sealed and repaired
  • corroded structural nuts,  bolts, plates de-scaled or replaced 
  • timber oiling in various spots
  • stored all work-related material
  • further inspection revealed a few more areas requiring attention. Chippies need to think and planIs Mission Brown still fashionable?Painters doing what they do
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