November picnic

We had a grey weather start to Sunday morning, but it quickly cleared to a fine, warm and beautiful day. A small group of followers met at Kinaba to enjoy coffee and tea, where we were joined by Steve, Kieran & Blair from Parks. (Blair is mainly responsible for the fabulous make-over (understatement!) of Figtree Point camping and day-use area). 

He gave a wonderful talk on the behind-the-scenes insights and planning of the project. 

We then all vessell'd over to Figtree for the guided tour and more of Blair's entertaining and passionate commentary, including a poem he wrote.....about working outside the "system". The transformation of that area is truly spectacular, and a credit to Blair and his team.

In all, a great picnic success with the inclusion of the excursion and talk, and a great day to be out in the beauty of our back yard.

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