Revitalising displays, information and display area

On 27th April Friends of Kinaba committee met at Kinaba with QPWS staff to begin planning for the entire display area to be revitalised with lots of exciting and new display and information for visitors to the centre.

This has been a long time vision and is very exciting.


March working bee

Eight intrepid and dependable Friends of Kinaba made the journey across the lake in idyllic conditions. General cleaning and much oiling of boardwalks was achieved.

Final bee for 2020

Fine conditions prevailed for the final maintenance event for 2020. Nine dedicated volunteers spent a pleasant morning keeping the Information Centre presentable for visitors.

Boardwalk oiling and general cleaning were the dominant tasks, and the crew were rewarded with champagne, beer and yummy snacks, after the obligatory morning tea.

October's working bee

Eight of our regular volunteers spent a pleasant morning at Kinaba Information Centre oiling boardwalks, painting inside the women's restroom, plus floor and window cleaning and several general maintenance tasks. All efforts are most appreciated. As usual, morning tea was a pleasant interlude.

Great working bee 19th August 2020

Great conditions prevailed for a maintenance morning at the centre. Four boat crew and one walk-in got stuck into painting, window cleaning, minor fixups here and there, plus observing the huge group of college students arriving in several canoes and departing on foot, plus another group arriving on foot and departing in canoes.

Morning tea was a welcome diversion with a chance to relax and chat.

Many thanks to those volunteers...You know who you are......your efforts are appreciated. Another caretaking event will be announced for mid September.

Great crowd at working bee

Sat 18th July saw the first maintenance event at Kinaba for several months. Ideal conditions to cross the, calm & sunny.

Four vessels ferried eight volunteers, plus six new enthusiastic folk who were inducted as volunteers, on site on the day. 

Cleaning, oiling boardwalks, painting women's toilet and various small tasks were completed, including morning-tea with tea & coffee supplied plus some yummy treats. 

Everyone enjoyed the experience and are keen to return to our regular caretaking program.      

Great day at Kinaba

Last Tuesday 3rd December seven intrepid souls spent a pleasant morning at Kinaba.  They applied another generous coat of oil to the new boardwalk and bird-hide timber, fresh paint to the restrooms, and general cleaning and sweeping up mountains of rat shit! Also some decking along the front of info centre received a coat of oil. Beautiful time of year to head to the Upper Noosa wetlands - one of the pleasures of volunteering at the Kinaba Information Centre/

Working bee 9th October 2019

8 energetic souls braved the elements to catch up with some much needed maintenance and cleaning. It was a windy, bumpy and wet lake crossing to Kinaba and worse conditions on the return journey - often a great opportunity for an adventure.

The recently restored 75 metre boardwalk and bird-hide has now finally been oiled to seal and preserve the timber. Despite the crossing, wonderful volunteers applied fresh paint to the gent's toilet, cleaned windows and floors, and removed the mountains of Swallows' droppings. 

September 1st picnic at Kinaba

A lovely day for crossing the lake, with just enough boats available to ferry the 40 or so enthusiastic folk to Kinaba, to check out the newly re-opened boardwalk leading to the bird-hide. Our guest speaker, Professor Darryl Jones, spoke about birds and their connections with man and his environment.

Tea, coffee and lunch was enjoyed on arrival, followed by Darryl's interesting and entertaining presentation. Darryl had some of his most recently published books available for sale also.

First working bee for 2019

On Wednesday 13th March, 3 volunteers and 4 new inductees braved the weather and concentrated on painting, cleaning windows and floors, oiling the boardwalk and replacing flyscreens.


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