A tinnie for Kinaba

Friends of Kinaba recently received a very generous donation of a 3.4 metre tinnie with trailer from Boreen Point resident Mr. Jim Bennett. Once fitted with an appropriate engine, our mariners will be able to use it to transport goods and volunteers.  Thanks Jim, what a beauty!

Now also Volunteers of National Parks

At the beginning of June, members of the Friends of Kinaba Steering Committee were inducted as National Parks’ volunteers, a first step in the long process of being given access to the Information Centre to commence the restoration and re-vitalization project.

Black Swans are back

After kayaking through the everglades on yesterday's gorgeous sunny early morning, we were paddling back across the eastern mouth, and there were about a dozen black swans sitting on the water.  As we got closer, they became alert, and took flight.  These were the only three I caught on film.

Spotted the Jabirus

Heading home after doing the water monitoring at the designated spots around Kinaba, Ken, Pete, Martin and I were just crossing the shallow water between the sand spit parallel to the channel and  Kinaba Point, and this is what we saw.

Come to Kinaba

You can reach Kinaba by sailing, canoeining, kayaking and motor boating across Lake Cootharaba from Boreen Point or Elanda Point, and walking. The walking track is off to the left, just opposite the Canoe Launch turn-off, on the Elanda Point road - 12.2km return. It's that easy!!

Stories about Kinaba

From the early 1960’s, Noosa Parks' Association and the Cooloola Committee conducted a vigorous and heated campaign to prevent sand mining of Cooloola which eventually led to a widespread change of public opinion and forced the Queensland Government to declare the area a National Park.

Construction began 1978

Construction began May 1978...opening ahead of completion in September 1978.

Completed and opened to the public March 1979, making local news


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