Kinaba Picnic Sunday 30th November

A small group of enthusiasts gathered at the Boreen Point Boat Ramp to head over to Kinaba for a breakfast picnic.

great working bee 16th October 2014

The latest working bee was held on Thursday 16th October and was a most productive day at you-know-where. 6 busy workers....painting Mission Brown, repairing tank pipe, roof flashing....(that's flashing from the roof!). Had a mention on Community radio via Mike Breid also - thanks Mike.

Latest working bee 24th July

A group of trusty volunteers paddled and motored up to Kinaba to continue the work there.

Working Bee 2nd June

One of the interesting aspects of the restoration of the Kinaba Information Centre is that the ceilings inside and out are asbestos. The paint is flaking off, and the ceilings need to be cleaned and re-painted.

We are required to ensure all asbestos is sealed before cleaning and painting, so Al Gymer, who is a registered asbestos inspector and removalist, and a Kinaba volunteer, has donated his time and expertise to inspect all the ceilings and seal them where needed.

Great Working Bee Wednesday 7th May

Our great team of volunteers had a productive workout at Kinaba on Wednesday 8am start with Ken, Telena, David, Laurie, Mike, Jan, Bob, Lesley and Ian, Sue and Charlie. Had a last minute supply of brushes, sandpaper, etc from our supportive Parks crew.

The team of painters started on posts and railings on all sides. Once they'd started there was no stopping.  The chippies completed more decking and joist work on the western side, then tackled repairs of the timber screen at the rainwater tank, including fresh paint.

There is another induction session scheduled

There are 10 places left if you are available for the next induction for volunteers to be held at the Boreen Point Sailing Club on Saturday 12th April 2014 from 8.30am.

Next byo Picnic 27th April 8am

Wouldn't you like to be up to watch the sun come up over Lake Cootharaba?  Then hop into your kayak or canoe, or walk from Elanda Point, or hitch a ride with a local, and take your breakfast makings to the Kinaba Information Centre, and share a meal on the deck. 

Great night of history at the Apollonian

Ken Eddy organised a great night of history last Wednesday night at the Apollonian Hotel.  For 2 1/2 hours we were entertained by stories, anecdotes, wonderful old photographs, and a history lesson of the local Kinaba area.

Gail Forrer article

Gail Forrer came across the Lake to the breakfast picnic on Sunday 16th February from 8am, and after wandering around and talking to others there, she wrote an article that appeared in the Noosa News on Thursday 21st February 2014.  Good work Gail.  Thank you.

First Kinaba picnic for 2014

Last Sunday, 16th of February, Friends Of Kinaba had their first Kinaba picnic for 2014.
Being summer we decided on a Picnic Breakfast, which was a great decision due to the windy conditions over the last week, and ensured a smooth passage across the Lake


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