Next byo Picnic 27th April 8am

Wouldn't you like to be up to watch the sun come up over Lake Cootharaba?  Then hop into your kayak or canoe, or walk from Elanda Point, or hitch a ride with a local, and take your breakfast makings to the Kinaba Information Centre, and share a meal on the deck. 

Great night of history at the Apollonian

Ken Eddy organised a great night of history last Wednesday night at the Apollonian Hotel.  For 2 1/2 hours we were entertained by stories, anecdotes, wonderful old photographs, and a history lesson of the local Kinaba area.

Gail Forrer article

Gail Forrer came across the Lake to the breakfast picnic on Sunday 16th February from 8am, and after wandering around and talking to others there, she wrote an article that appeared in the Noosa News on Thursday 21st February 2014.  Good work Gail.  Thank you.

First Kinaba picnic for 2014

Last Sunday, 16th of February, Friends Of Kinaba had their first Kinaba picnic for 2014.
Being summer we decided on a Picnic Breakfast, which was a great decision due to the windy conditions over the last week, and ensured a smooth passage across the Lake

February's working bee

On Saturday 8th of February we had another Kinaba working bee.  After a pleasant Lake crossing, and a short catchup, we unloaded tools from the boats and started with the designated jobs for this session. 
Brett and Dominic assisted by Cheryl and Steve, repaired floor joists and decking where the western board-walk joins the Information Centre.  Charlie re-secured wobbly handrail posts on the southern deck.

First Working Bee

Our small group of firmly inducted volunteers arrived at the boat ramp at 7am and had a fantastic sail in Charlie's RL24 all the way to the channel.
These are some of the perks of being a volunteer with Friends of Kinaba.

A Banner to work under

We had another picnic at Kinaba last Saturday 21st September, and this time we could party under a beautiful banner created for us by Gonzo French - a local resident and artist.  Thank you Gonzo for your expertise and diligence in having it ready for our visit.

A tinnie for Kinaba

Friends of Kinaba recently received a very generous donation of a 3.4 metre tinnie with trailer from Boreen Point resident Mr. Jim Bennett. Once fitted with an appropriate engine, our mariners will be able to use it to transport goods and volunteers.  Thanks Jim, what a beauty!

Now also Volunteers of National Parks

At the beginning of June, members of the Friends of Kinaba Steering Committee were inducted as National Parks’ volunteers, a first step in the long process of being given access to the Information Centre to commence the restoration and re-vitalization project.

Black Swans are back

After kayaking through the everglades on yesterday's gorgeous sunny early morning, we were paddling back across the eastern mouth, and there were about a dozen black swans sitting on the water.  As we got closer, they became alert, and took flight.  These were the only three I caught on film.


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